Inventions — Are you participating?

Sandip Savaliya
3 min readJun 7, 2020


I hope you folks are doing well in this pandemic. All things considered, I’m not a good writer but rather I thought to compose and share this with everybody. Our steps towards innovation are small yet significant. We improved a way of living, and we’re improving every day.

Within the last couple of years, homo-sapiens achieved huge ground in the age of innovation. However, It’s not about where we’ve reached, it’s all about if the pace of inventing things is adequate or not. It’s about your very own contribution. No, you don’t need to invent an entirely new thing. Be that as it may, are you even participating?

Every particular thing you use in a day to day life is a part of someone’s idea - An idea that is generated to overcome real-life problems. Today, I want to share the invention story of the water bottle we use every day.

Water bottle? 😆

This invention looks so stupid yet it took too many years to complete.

Ancient humans felt the need for water in a day to day life and they began living close to the source of water — lakes or rivers. Everyday chasing and quest for food made them realize that they have to keep moving every day.

An excursion starts from here. somebody thought of preserving water into the leaves of trees. Somebody thought of giving it the correct shape to keep water within. It was not durable yet, it was helpful. As a piece of progress, somebody made casks or urns using a stone. These were amazingly substantial to ship and frequently required more than one individual to carry. furthermore, it was not fit for the job. Someone then used animal hide to make water sinks. Parallelly, it was the time when they were using a scrap of wood or a bone to safeguard water — an invention of a cap.

There was still a need for improvement. In the metallic age, somebody thought to make little containers utilizing metal. Somebody thought of making a top from a rubber. Perfection like this never existed before. In any case, due to corrosion and heavyweight — it was not the correct one to enlist for long haul needs. The era of glass gave it a new direction, A cheap cost solution, yet another problem is that the glass breaks easily.

After World War II, plastic turned into a mainstream material. A decent and most noticeably awful thing at any point made. Long-lasting qualities made someone thought of making a water bottle from plastic and here we are. Today there are a large number of types and shapes of bottles that are available in a market at an extremely low cost. Simple to utilize and easy to carry.

The person who had the principal thought of saving water would’ve never at any point imagined that his thought can be improved at that level and it will be useful to billions of individuals in an everyday life. It was not only a story of invention, rather a journey from idea to a complete product from hundreds of modifications and improvements.

MOTS: It’s not important to be an idea maker, however, it’s important to contribute.

The silver line — Leave your laziness and start contributing, Your contribution might be small but it’s still valuable.

Well, that’s all for the day, Will compose more on that soon. Stay tuned for the coming episode about Inventions. Many thanks for reading, please write down in the comments below if you liked it. Also please share it with your friends.



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