How I landed a Job at a USA, Silicon Valley based firm!

Sandip Savaliya
3 min readDec 30, 2021


Hey Folks, 👋

Being a freelancer, programmer, or software developer in a small town always gives you insecurities about your Job & Your career. 🏡

I was born and bought up in a small town - Surat, Gujarat. I completed my bachelor's degree 📚 in India only. I was wondering and I was always willing to settle down somewhere abroad in European countries 🇺🇸 to get a better lifestyle 🚙. and future.

However, like every other middle-class & poor person out there, I had that similar financial 💰 problem to go study abroad for masters and then get a Job, get PR and settle down there.

I heard from some references that the XYZ relative’s son got a job abroad and went abroad, settled there. I was always wishing 🙇 for the same magic to happen with me, but even luck doesn’t work if you don’t.

I was capable enough to solve complex problems, but even after applying ✉️ to hundreds of big companies out there, i only response i was getting, 😢

“Unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with your application, but we appreciate your time and interest. ”

No interviews, No reason for rejection even! 🤷‍♂️

Getting rejected directly due to the reason “Application outside from the country”. It was making me feel 😑 helpless.

Trust me “nobody is going to hire you from abroad” if you’re living in another country. You will need a one in lacs talent in order to obtain such a job.

After applying to hundreads of countries and getting rejected i almost lost my only hope of getting settled abroad or getting a job that pays me enough money…! 💸

During those tremondous efforts i heared from people getting remote job — a craze that was escalated during the pandemic and it got my eyes. 👀

I started searching for the Remote developer jobs to first get the chance of learning 🙌 Europian companies work standards and to get some similar experiance.

Out of nowhere, An ad popped up on my screen 🖥 — An Advertisement from Turing. I immediately signed up to the website and started my research to know more about the platform and it’s offerings. 😃

I Registered to the website and then it asked me to complete few tests to check my scores & grip on perticular languages. 🐾

Fortunately, i was able to clear 2–3 Language tests as i had grip on 16+ Programming languages. Once i cleared tests 🏁, platform allowed me to opt in & Schedule a one-on-one coding challange where i was asked to solve ✔ two algorithms on codelity with a Turing agent live screening my approach.

🎉 Voila, i cleared live coding challange too!!!

Turing opened a space to prapare and finalize my own resume there with predefined standard template with your skills and scorings 📊.

Later, within a month i had few interviews with companies that are bound with turing, and after giving interviews to 3 different organizations i got the job offeres from 2 USA 🇺🇸, Sillicon Valley based firms!

All the procedures to apply & secure the jobs was handled by Turing itself.

It’s been 3 months since my Job, and now i work with complex problem solvers. It’s a totally different experiance for me and i got to learn a lot!!

Remote job gave me a freedom of time and space both!

I would’ve never made it there alone, I’m very thankful 🤝 to Turing for providing me worlds best opportunities while working from home!!!



Sandip Savaliya

A Programmer with huge IT encounter & Programming skills (Data-Structures & Algorithms), Analytical & Innovative critical thinking.